Pino Ferroni
Dr. Pino Ferroni (1939-2018)
Founder of Shen Sensitivity Training™

Born in the Liguria region of central Italy in 1939, Dr. Pino Ferroni’s initial education in management and marketing, in addition to his business experience with a major Italian company led him to specialize in leadership techniques. He became fascinated with human dynamics, and proceeded to research body psychology, studying Bioenergetic theories with a variety of both Western and Eastern teachers and obtaining the prestigious degree of Master of Postural Integration, and would later also earn his Ph.D. in Psychology.

In the fall of 1979 he was called to Parma, Italy, putting into practice his own creation of psycho-somatic technique called "Sensitivity Training™”, tested and perfected over a period of three years with a group of friends and acquaintances. This technique consists of a comprehensive approach to the person and the aim, proving immensely valuable, to relate ones physical and mental state of being to ones existential trauma and pain.

Sensitivity Training™ represents a harmonious way to join the Wei Jing, the exterior Chinese medicine, with the Nei Jing, the internal medicine: if initially the medical cure is necessary to rectify any pathological imbalance, the self-care techniques learned with Sensitivity Training™ help to maintain the renewed balance.

In 1983 Dr. Ferroni founded the Association Ego-Center: Center for Development and Realization of Human Potential, of which he became and is currently President. A short time later, the Association changed its stated focus to Center for Personal and Professional Growth in Humanistic Naturopathy and Shen Training™, with a program called "The Isle of Being”.

During this time, Dr. Ferroni also wrote and published the books "The Body Rediscovered" and "Chinese Energetics".

In the spring of 1988 he obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology with a thesis provocatively titled "The Body Aesthetic”. This moment signified the beginning of a synthesis between Western Bioenergetics, derived from the discoveries of Alexander Lowen, and Eastern Bioenergetics, which is the basis of the Taoist School of Complete Reality.

More recently, he obtained an additional doctorate in Science of Natural Therapies, with a thesis entitled "Fragments of an Absolute Truth”, which represents the outline of a life of study and research of ‘body-mediated therapies’.

Prior to his passing in 2018, Dr. Ferroni was the President of the Ego-Center of Parma and General Director of Personal and Professional Training, he personally conducted Advanced Studies and Supervision, teaching Tao Yoga and Chinese Energetics philosophy, and introduced the understanding of the Classics of the Taoist School of Complete Reality (also known as The Ch’an School). He personally accompanied the students of Personal and Professional Training who wished to gain greater mastery of the spiritual life.

In Italy, Wassim Nehme studied directly under Dr. Ferroni and in partnership with him for 12 years. In 2005, Nehme exported this exclusive technique to the United States when he and his wife, Elisabeth, moved from Italy to Vermont. Since then, he has been serving the community as a Shen & Bioenergetics practitioner and teacher, and has founded Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics - Center for Growth and Self-Awareness. He has been teaching Shen in the USA and in Italy since 2006.