Wassim Nehme
Founder & Director

Wassim Nehme

Wassim Nehme is the founder and director of Green Mountain Shen & Bioenergetics. Born in Bcharri, Lebanon, Wassim moved to Parma, Italy as a teenager, and after 5 years of studying western medicine, he began treatment and studies with Dr. Ferroni at his institute, Ego-Center Institute of Bio-Natural Disciplines, in Parma, Italy. Wassim completed 12 years of study, achieving his Master’s in Bioenergetic Massage Therapy & Shen Touch, as well as several certifications in Kiniseology, Accupressure, Holistic Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki. He is a life-member of and teacher for Ego-Center of Parma, Italy, and a member of the ABMP here in the US. After moving to Vermont in 2005, he founded Green Mountain Shen along with his wife, Elisabeth, and maintains a full private practice while also teaching group classes. Together Wassim and Elisabeth also lead communication and self-awareness events for national and international corporate clients.

Recently, Wassim founded Myoho Aikido Vermont with ongoing classes at 160 Benmont Ave. South Wing 4th floor in Bennington, Vermont. Wassim is a Master Teacher in Aikido with 5 dan and member of FESIK, the Italian Federation of Martial Arts. Wassim is also a member of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF).

Elisabeth Nehme
Vice Director

Wassim Nehme

Elisabeth Nehme is the co-founder and vice-director of Green Mountain Shen &
Bioenergetics. Born in California, she has been a massage therapist since 1986, specializing in Esalen technique, and has been teaching since 1997. She is a Master of Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics™. She is also certified in several modalities such as Bio-Essere™ Massage, Tui-Na, and Reiki. She is a member of and teacher for Ego-Center of Parma, Italy, and is a member of the NCBTMB here in the US. Elisabeth is also the Brand Ambassador and Master Educator for [ comfort zone ] of Parma, Italy. Elisabeth co-teaches all classes and workshops along with Wassim.



"As practitioners, we are companions for a part of the journey of self-discovery, for a period of time."