Six years ago I had come to a point where I realized I was close to being afraid to leave the house, and yet could find no space in the house I felt was mine. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I was trapped and crippled. I had no sense of core identity, only fragments of different lives that I could not connect to any thread of continuum. I was ruled by fear and despair.

The one thing I seemed to have left was the willingness to try anything to move out of this place and a refusal to just give up. It was at this time that I was introduced to Wassim Nehme, Master in Bioenergetic Massage Therapy & Shen Touch, and began private Shen Touch sessions with him.

In the last six years, working through these private sessions as well as Shen Sensitivity Training™ Workshops, I have found acceptance of who I am, connection to all the different lives I have lived, forgiveness for both myself and others for what has been, and the ability to live in the present moment. I now deal with the issues that arise on a daily basis with the flexibility to move through the changes and maintain openness and peace of mind with hope and enthusiasm for the next day.

My experience and transformation during this journey inspired me to become a Shen Therapist to be able to share this process with others in a world so filled with stress, disconnect, rigidity and need.

Virginia, Shen Student

Shen Touch allows me to be more fully present, more fully alive. I first experienced a Shen Treatment five years ago at time of great stress in my life. Friends sent me to Wassim Nehme on my birthday. I started receiving Shen Touch every two weeks and as I released emotional pain from my body, I found the work profoundly healing. Later that year I began Shen Sensitivity Training™ with the longing to evolve it into my practice as women’s health provider, as well as continue my own personal healing. For the last 2 ½ years I have been working with regular Shen Touch clients in my free time.

I have worked in the field of women’s health for 25 years. My education as a certified nurse midwife encompassed the care of women through their lifecycle. For the last 5 years, my practice has been women’s health without pregnancy/birthing care. One of the passions that drove me to nursing in the first place, years ago, was a fascination with and belief in the ability to heal oneself. My study of Shen Sensitivity Training™ with Wassim answers that longing. This deeper awareness of how our bodies carry past experience has become part of how I relate to people and how I practice women’s health.

Betsy, Shen Student

When I was about five years old, I nearly drowned. It happened one hot summer day when I raced to a mountain stream ahead of my mother. The feeling I wanted to experience when I put my toes into the water suddenly turned into a struggle to survive as the raging current washed over my face. Afraid to let go of the log over my head, I was drowning myself while hanging on for dear life. This is one of many challenging life experiences that I have been able to transform through personal treatments and class work in Shen Sensitivity Training™.

When I started my journey of self-discovery with Wassim Nehme, I was in hiding, fearful and anxious. I had no idea how emotionally blocked I was. What I did know was I was willing to trust the treatments in hopes of finding a deeper sense of myself. Step-by-step, I discovered a new dimension of learning by uncovering the layers of emotion stored in my body. I trusted the thought that whatever surfaced was the right thing for me to become more conscious of the hidden layers of my personal journey.

In the group dynamic of Shen Sensitivity Training™ we learned by doing – listening, sharing and ultimately transforming our lives through touch delivered with the Bioenergetic massage technique. In no other setting could I have experienced the healing gift of my classmates’ unconditional love as I peeled away my layers of fear and resistance. I became more in tune with my body and gained an ability to notice how my nervous system delivers stress to different organs that became sensitive and sometimes ill. Shen Touch helped me to unlock my prison of pain and suffering that comes with unconscious behaviors.

As a graphic designer and marketing professional, my awakened core-being expresses itself in a more grounded yet fluid manner resulting in more joy and creativity in my daily work with the bonus of manifesting more successful solutions for my clients’ promotions.

My personal goal as a certified practitioner is to introduce this journey of self-discovery to others who are willing to expand their life-condition through Bioenergetic Massage and Shen Touch. I am no longer hanging on for dear life. Instead, I am letting go!

Laurie, Shen Student

I hold a BA in Professional and Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, am a nationally certified Massage Therapist and also a certified Lifestyle Educator. I have been in the wellness industry for the last ten years and have taken several continuing education classes in advanced massage therapy techniques, am passionate about whole food nutrition and am an avid seeker of self- actualization.

However, when I first became a student of Bioenergetic Massage and Shen Touch Therapy with Wassim in April 2005, I was in a state of loneliness and despair, my self-esteem was very poor and I was unsuccessful in my career. I was unaware of any of the specifics of my struggles, I was numb and I was stuck. I saw Wassim once a week for the first two and a half years and joined the group dynamic classes within my second year of receiving treatments. It took time, but slowly I began to be able to feel myself again, if not for the first time. I began to feel comfortable enough to uncover the emotions long held in the layers of armor in my body.

The combination of private sessions, my therapeutic relationship with Wassim and the dynamics of the group have allowed me to develop a very profound understanding of where I came from, who I am now and why I struggle with the things that are uniquely me. I find I have the ability to experience myself in ways that are based on my understanding of myself and who I am striving to be. I can feel myself, my emotions and I can hold those emotions in my body in a way that is no longer overwhelming but based in reality. I feel stable and as though I have solid ground under myself. Because of the work I have done with Wassim, in the group and in my own life I am now participating in the world in a genuine and integral way and my life is in alignment with my dreams and goals.

Christina, Shen Student

When I first appeared on Wassim’s doorstep, I was heavy with fear, depression, and grief. No matter what attempts I had made at addressing this “heaviness” through individual therapy, group work, physical exercise, spiritual practice, my state of “paralysis” continued to increase.

That was two and one half years ago.

The practice of Shen (both receiving and training as a practitioner) has renewed my life in the most profound way. It has not just been a “shot of energy”. I have been detoxifying, and subsequently, replenishing a vitality that has not been there for years…maybe since early childhood. My whole being is learning a new way to feel and release in a healthier way.

Life’s challenges have, of course, continued to present themselves, but the ways in which I am able to meet them are not debilitating to me at this point. I am so grateful for what I have been able to open to with the practice of Shen.

Sue, Shen Student