“No insignificant person was ever born”

Developing Shen in our life is a continuous effort and practice, day by day, until the end of our life.

We look at a person as a human being, equal to all, not defined by their past, their weaknesses, their strengths, their status, their struggles.

As practitioners, we are companions for a part of the journey of self-discovery, for a period of time.

  • we are not doctors and we do not diagnose or prescribe medication
  • we are not psychotherapists and we do not analyze
  • we refer each person to these professionals if needed
  • our knowledge is based on the 40 years of research and study of Dr. Ferroni and the 20 years of Wassim Nehme’s experience in Shen Sensitivity Training

Classes for ALL

Shen Training & Reiki

Introductory Workshop Series

Shen Training for Growth and Self-Awareness (ongoing classes, workshop intensives)

Reiki Training

Massage Therapists

Continuing Education Courses

Intro to Bioenergetic Massage Therapy & Shen Touch

Bio-Essere: Being Alive Massage

Holistic Shiatsu

Reiki Level I and II

Corporate Workshops

Communication & Awareness

Communication, self-awareness and team-building workshops for national and international corporate clients