Christina Cunningham, BA, CMT, LE
Master, Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics™
Rutland • p: 802.683.8038

Christina Cunningham

I am a nationally certified and AMTA insured massage therapist who has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2001. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Creative and Professional Writing with minors in Women's Studies and Sociology and I graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City with a certification in Therapeutic Massage Therapy in 2001. I am currently studying to become a master in Bioenergetic Massage and Shen Touch with Wassim Nehme. And I am also a certified Lifestyle Educator in FirstLine Therapy. I am originally from New Jersey and have been practicing massage therapy in Vermont for the past eight years.

My original training in massage therapy at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, at the time, one of the best schools in the country, was rich in anatomy and physiology, relaxation techniques, and was a very comprehensive program of 815 hours of study. I often call this training my undergraduate degree in therapeutic massage. There I learned the basic skill sets to become a very competent massage therapist, with a sound understanding of the basic mechanics of touch, how to be present while working with clients and the application of a variety of massage modalities; from Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage and facilitated stretching.

I continued my education in the field of structural bodywork taking workshops to include; Advanced Myofascial techniques, Medical Massage, Anatomy Trains and Shiatsu. I deepened my understanding of the bio-mechanics of movement and anatomy when I engaged in a five day intensive training in Orthopedic Massage, learning how to use a multi-disciplinary approach to restore balanced mobility to the body. After that, I completed another five day intensive in Integrative Massage and Personal Training, where I learned functional and structural assessment techniques, and training and corrective exercise protocols.

The last ten years, I have been a student of Wassim Nehme, in Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics™. This technique is a marriage of western and eastern understandings of the energetics of the body and is designed to facilitate the release of long held physical and emotional patterns in the body and mind. It is my belief that when the underlying physical and emotional holding patterns are realized and released, a true transformation occurs within the entire being of a person.

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