Virginia Berstene
Master, Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics™
Shaftsbury • p: 802.345.8541

VirginiaVirginia was introduced to Bioenergetics & Shen Touch when she began receiving treatments 11 years ago from the founder of Green Mountain Shen, Wassim Nehme. Inspired by the resulting personal growth and self-awareness, she joined his Shen Sensitivity Training classes the next year with the intention of learning to be able to extend the benefits of this practice to others. She received her Master level in Shen Sensitivity Training & Bioenergetics in December of 2015.

She has been treating clients in private sessions for 6 years and has assisted in Intensive Workshops for 3 years. She has also taught Introductory Workshops to Bioenergetics & Shen Touch since 2012.

Last April she traveled to Italy to train with the founder of this technique, Dr. Pino Ferroni at The Ego Center for Bio-Natural Disciplines in Parma. She is returning this April for further training.

She has trained in Reiki as well and has completed her Third Level.

Virginia’s experiences in releasing tensions from the body and uncovering blocked energy that fracture emotional and physical well-being have encouraged her to focus on helping others to experience their own journey to a grounded and joyful life through this exclusive modality.

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